The Letter HIS Name Faith Lettering Challenge

Letter HIS Name Instagram Handlettering Challenge prompts | Join the challenge by posting to #letterHISname to Instagram

Hi friends! I want to talk about the Letter HIS Name faith lettering challenge on Instagram and tell you more about how it all came about! I have been meaning to write this post for the last week, but if you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been swimming in a sea of letters trying to finish my 20 Ways to Draw Capital Letters worksheets. Until those are finished, you can get a feel for what they’ll be like by downloading the free 20 Ways to Draw a Capital P lettering practice sheet. (This worksheet will be free until I have all 26 letters available to be purchased.)

20 Ways to Draw a Capital P Handlettering Worksheet | by Brittany Luiz | Available at

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to let you guys know about how the Letter HIS Name challenge came about! If you’re not familiar, my friend Susanna (@coldsnowinharvest) and I are currently hosting an Instagram challenge where we are encouraging the faith lettering community to glorify His name by lettering specific prompts for 30 days. Read more