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Hi guys! A few weeks ago I was contacted on Instagram by the super talented Aaria Baid of Surely Simple to see if I would be interested in joining her upcoming Simple Alphabets Challenge on Instagram. Um, yes!! I was so honored to even be considered, so I agreed right away. The challenge kicked off a little over two weeks ago and I have been in awe of the incredibly talented group of letterers Aaria has pulled together. It has been so cool to see some of my lettering idols mixed in with people I’ve never come across before, but are equally as talented as my #calligraheroes! If you haven’t checked out the challenge, you can get caught up by scrolling through the @surelysimplechallenge feed on Instagram, and I also encourage you to take a look at the #simplealphabets hashtag!

Today I’ll be doing a teacher takeover on the Surely Simple Challenge account, showing how to make a blended capital P. To be completely real with you guys, I was a little anxious when I found out my letter was P. It’s not what I would consider one of my strongest letters, and I wanted to make a good impression! So I started practicing. And practicing. And practicing. My sketchbook is FILLED with P’s now, and after practicing them so much I actually like drawing them now! It’s so great when you can crawl out of that comfort zone every once in awhile and try something new. It can be scary at first, but it’s such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you’re able to do something you didn’t think was possible before. I’ve included my video here in case you haven’t seen it yet!

You guys! I was so honored to be asked to be a teacher for the Simple Alphabets Challenge hosted by @surelysimplechallenge, and after seeing all of the talented letterers that have been sharing their tips I am amazed to be in such great company! Today’s letter is P! 💜 To draw this P, I used a light purple @tombowusa Dual Brush Pen then added a darker purple in several spots on top. I grabbed the light purple again and used it to blend the two colors together. Since the Dual Brush Pens are water-based, they blend beautifully. Once I achieved the blend I wanted, I outlined and added a striped shadow using the Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip. This pen won’t bleed into the ink from the markers, so it’s perfect for adding shadows! Paper is @cansonpaper XL Marker Pad. Hope y’all have fun practicing! #simplealphabets, #simplealphabets_p, @surelysimpleblog #brittanyletters #tombow #the100dayproject #100letteringdays (36/100)

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To get this effect, I used a light purple and dark purple Dual Brush Pen, using the lighter color to letter and then adding accents of the darker color in various places. I then use the same light purple to blend the two colors together, making a really cool blended effect! I am all about adding striped shadows with my Fudenosuke Hard Tip these days, so of course I had to do that as well. If you’re interested in the best types of paper to use with your brush pens, you can check out this post I wrote.

Part of being a teacher for the Simple Alphabets Challenge means that I was featured on both of Aaria’s websites – Surely Simple and Opinion 9. I would absolutely love it if you’d head over to her website and read the features! They’re quick Q&A style, so they don’t take long to read! I’ve included a couple of excerpts below.

Surely Simple – Creative Lettering with Brittany Luiz

Creative Lettering with Brittany Luiz | handlettering profile and Q&A

When did you first really get interested in lettering and calligraphy?

I’ve always kind of had a thing for handwriting, but I never felt like mine was really all that great. Honestly, even now my normal handwriting isn’t anything to write home about. But about two years ago, I decided that I was going to get better at my script writing by taking up hand lettering. I took an online class (shoutout to Tosha Seeholzer and Atly!) and was hooked. But of course, at first I was horrific. Don’t be discouraged if what you produce when you’re getting started isn’t what you want it to look like. Practice a little bit every day and you’ll get there! What I love about lettering is that it’s really more about drawing your letters than it is writing. So you don’t even have to have great penmanship to be a great letterer.

Read the full post here.

Opinion 9 – #SimpleAlphabets Inspiration: Brittany Luiz

Handlettering by Brittany Luiz | Lettering Q&A on Opinion 9

How many hours do you put in for your work everyday?

Ha! How many hours am I not working is the real question here. My work is so intimately related to my hobbies and interests that the lines are almost always blurred. I work my day job from 8-5ish Monday through Friday, and probably spend a good 20 additional hours throughout the week working on other work-related or freelance-related projects.

Read the full post here.

Thanks so much for reading, y’all! I’d love to connect with you on Instagram! #letsbefriends

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