Lettering Practice Sheets: 20 Ways to Draw a Capital E


Downloadable PDF practice sheet with 20 different lettering variations for drawing a capital E. See Product Description below for more details + printing advice.


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Download this lettering practice sheet for 20 ways to draw a capital E. Download includes three letter-sized (8.5 in. x 11 in.) PDFs – one with a grayscale option to trace the original lettering artwork I created, one that is more of a traditional lettering practice sheet with each letter in black for reference and gray for tracing, and one blank practice sheet with guidelines only. The traditional lettering practice sheet also includes space for you to try practicing the letters on your own without tracing.

When printing, choose “Fit to page” option. I recommend printing on a very smooth paper – HP Premium Choice Laser Paper is a good option, or cutting sheets of Canson XL Marker Paper to fit your printer. You can also print on regular print/copy paper, then use tracing paper overtop to practice. Just be sure whatever paper you’re using your brush pens on, it’s smooth! You can find a list of my favorite papers for practice here.

These sheets were created for small to medium pens. My favorites are the Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip and Fudenosuke Soft Tip.

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