What It’s Like to Film a Lettering Class

Hi friends! Today is the last day that my Bounce Lettering Basics online lettering class with Brit+Co is available for pre-order, so I wanted to take you behind-the-scenes and let you know what it was like to film the class. Hopefully this can help those of you who are thinking of teaching classes – on or off camera – someday!

What It's Like to Film a Lettering Class: Behind the Scenes with @brittluiz | www.brittanyluiz.com

First off, there was a lot of preparation that went into this class, not only on my end but also on the Brit+Co team’s end. I can’t really speak to everything they did to prepare for the shoot, but I can say that they were all so fantastic and professional so I know they did their due diligence beforehand! As for me, the process began in June/July with some conversations with the Brit+Co team about what type of class would be most beneficial for students. Once we decided on bounce lettering, we started thinking about the major topics that would be covered and nailed down a date for the filming.

What It's Like to Film a Lettering Class: Behind the Scenes with @brittluiz | www.brittanyluiz.com

Over the next few months I slowly started to develop my lesson plan and flesh out the material that I’d be covering. When developing these things, I tried to keep in mind what had helped me the most when I was learning lettering, and what I wish I’d been able to hear or see from the very beginning. I knew that I wanted worksheets to accompany the video lessons, so I spent a lot of time creating those before moving on to developing the remainder of the content.

Learn bounce lettering by taking @brittluiz's Bounce Lettering class on @britandco! Register at: http://bit.ly/bounceletteringBrit+Co classes aren’t filmed with scripts, but I wanted to get my thoughts out before filming so I ended up basically writing myself a script. It was really helpful for me to get it all out there in order to see if I was missing anything important that students should know about. I was also able to bring it with me on filming day and periodically refer to it as a refresher so the most important points were at the top of my mind. Leading up to the class, I had weekly calls with my Brit+Co producer about the class and we tweaked things to ensure filming day would run smoothly.

What It's Like to Film a Lettering Class: Behind the Scenes with @brittluiz | www.brittanyluiz.com

My last preparation before filming day was to do a test run of the class. I can’t say enough how important it is to do this before your first in-person class or before filming a class. I received a lot of valuable feedback after my test run and was able to make a couple of last-minute tweaks that I think really improved the flow of the class.

What It's Like to Film a Lettering Class: Behind the Scenes with @brittluiz | www.brittanyluiz.com

For filming, I flew to San Francisco and attended a pre-production meeting the day before the shoot. I was also able to join my Brit+Co producer live on their Facebook page for a bounce lettering demonstration that was so much fun! (You can still watch it here!) The following day, I arrived bright and early to the video studio for hair and makeup. Once that was finished, we started filming the class teaser, then moved on to the lessons, and ended the day with a photo shoot. It all went by so fast but was so much fun. In the video below, you can check out a mini lesson from the class on lettering terminology and how to hold your Tombow Dual Brush Pen.

Starting tomorrow the course videos will be available, so if you haven’t purchased the class – what are you waiting for? Learn more about what’s covered in this lettering class by reading this post.

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