The Letter HIS Name Faith Lettering Challenge

Hi friends! I want to talk about the Letter HIS Name faith lettering challenge on Instagram and tell you more about how it all came about! I have been meaning to write this post for the last week, but if you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been swimming in a sea of letters trying to finish my 20 Ways to Draw Capital Letters worksheets. Until those are finished, you can get a feel for what they’ll be like by downloading the free 20 Ways to Draw a Capital P lettering practice sheet. (This worksheet will be free until I have all 26 letters available to be purchased.)

20 Ways to Draw a Capital P Handlettering Worksheet | by Brittany Luiz | Available at

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to let you guys know about how the Letter HIS Name challenge came about! If you’re not familiar, my friend Susanna (@coldsnowinharvest) and I are currently hosting an Instagram challenge where we are encouraging the faith lettering community to glorify His name by lettering specific prompts for 30 days. Here’s a list of all of them – the numbers beside the prompt represent the date for that prompt:

Letter HIS Name Instagram Handlettering Challenge prompts | Join the challenge by posting to #letterHISname to Instagram

We officially launched on Father’s Day to correspond with the greatest Father of all. But the idea came about two weeks before we launched. Since about February I’ve been taking a notebook to service with me each week and practicing my lettering by taking sketchnotes. I really love having this opportunity to practice and grow in my faith at the same time. On that Sunday, I was in church during the worship time of service, singing and enjoying the music as always (my church has some incredibly talented musicians!) when I started to feel like I should be doing more with my lettering.

Faith lettering by Brittany Luiz (@brittanyluiz on Instagram) | Sketchnotes + Handlettering

We are encouraged to invite people to church but I have never really felt comfortable doing that, but I started to think that maybe I could invite people to worship Him in another way. The thought stayed with me throughout the service and as soon as it was over I messaged Susanna and asked if she’d want to host a faith lettering challenge with me. She came up with the idea for 30 names of the Lord and we decided on Letter HIS Name to be the title of the challenge. It all came together so easily and effortlessly that I know this was God’s plan.

#letterHISname faith lettering challenge on Instagram

Since launching the challenge we have both been overwhelmed with the response. It’s a little scary to put yourself out there like we have, not knowing if anyone will want to jump in on this journey with us, but we have been so amazed at how many people this has spoken to. I’ve received comments from people all over the world, a former coworker, and my own pastor about this challenge.

One God and Father of All | Handlettering by Brittany Luiz for the #letterHISname challenge

I had a rough week this week, with my husband unexpectedly being laid off from his job, and having the thoughts, prayers and encouragement from the faith lettering community has meant so much to me. So this post really is my way of saying thank you to everyone who has participated, is participating, and anyone who wants to participate.

Faith lettering/Bible journaling by Brittany Luiz for the #letterHISname challenge

I’m trying my hardest to respond to every message, like every photo on the hashtag and comment with words of encouragement as often as possible. My goal is that no one who participates in this challenge goes 30 days without coming in contact with me in some way. Looking forward to what the next 3 weeks hold for us as we go on this journey together! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by shooting me an email or connecting on Instagram if you have any questions about the challenge!

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