Introducing: The Letter Lovelies Community

If you follow me and/or Renmade Calligraphy on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been counting down the days to what we’ve been describing as an awesome project that you can be part of too! Well, friends, today is the day that we’re launching The Letter Lovelies community!

What’s that, you ask? That’s what I’m here to tell you! But first, a little backstory on how Lauren (aka Ren) and I became #calligrabesties (and actually real life besties). This time last year we didn’t even know each other, and now we talk on the phone most nights and text each other throughout most days. How did this happen? The Instagram lettering community! We found each other through our mutual love of lettering (and Tombow), and became fast friends. And it doesn’t hurt that we’re basically the same person – she’s the left side, and I’m the right (get it, because she’s a lefty and I’m a righty? Ha. I crack myself up.)


The Letter Lovelies: A handlettering community | Find out how to join at

We both love this community so much, but we’ve found that sometimes Instagram can get a little overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic for connecting with people and finding inspiration and sharing your work. But keeping those connections going? That’s really tough work. The thing is, we really WANT to keep those connections going and get to know you guys on a deeper level, but we both have day jobs and it’s so much easier to just click that little heart icon and continue swiping. We want more though. And that’s how The Letter Lovelies came about.

So, what exactly is The Letter Lovelies? Right now, it’s a private Facebook group for anyone who considers themselves to be part of the lettering community or would like to be part of the lettering community. Our focus in this group is on friends over followers and community over competition. We’ll be sharing handlettering advice, tips and tricks while building a community of lettering lovelies who lift each other up!

Introducing: The Letter Lovelies - a handlettering community! Find out more at

We have some big things planned for The Letter Lovelies, and this is only the first tiny step. We hope you’ll join us in this community as we all grow and learn on our lettering journey together! If you have any questions about The Letter Lovelies, feel free to email me and we can chat!

Otherwise, you can join the group by clicking the button below! Your request to join the group will be approved by either me or Lauren, so if it takes a bit for it to go through don’t get worried – we’ll let you in, because, trust me, we really want to get to know you!

Join The Letter Lovelies Community!

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