Free downloadable handlettered coloring page

Hi friends! I’m interrupting my video series to share a free downloadable handlettered coloring page with you! Last night when I went to start in on my daily lettering, I just wasn’t feeling super inspired. I didn’t know where to begin and I was feeling pretty tired, so I thought I’d try something a little different from what I normally do and take a stab at creating a handlettered coloring page.

Free downloadable handlettered coloring page |

When I’m not feeling creative, I try to trick myself into it by lettering something about creativity (there, you know my secret now!), and the phrase that came to mind for me was “create your heart out.” So I quickly sketched the letters in pencil and started doodling flowers. After I got a few flowers in I realized this was probably going to take awhile and I didn’t want to have to erase everything at the end, so I went ahead and switched to inking everything with my Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip brush pen. It was so cathartic to just doodle flowers and try to fill in as much white space as I could with them. I don’t consider myself exceptionally talented at drawing, but I love how these flowers turned out with such a whimsical feeling to them.

Free downloadable handlettered coloring page |

The plan was just to create something for myself, but I got to thinking that it wouldn’t be that tough to make this into a free download. So I scanned it in, cleaned up some of the lines in Photoshop and a handlettered coloring page was born. I hope you guys enjoy it! The first page of the PDF has cut lines if you want to cut it down to 5×7 size, or you can print the second page without cut lines and use it however you want. Click the link below to download!

I’d love to see your colored masterpieces when you’re done! Feel free to tag me on Instagram so I can see!

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